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Full Product Description

This add-on pack for Epic Pumpkins includes multiple piles of pumpkins, as well as presets for eight different arrangements of crates full of pumpkins. In addition there is also a wooden hand cart with two pumpkin piles to load it with. Twenty Four Material presets allow you to change the pumpkin pile textures to any of the patterns from Epic Pumpkin Pack, as well as several random assortments. These Material presets are compatible with the pumpkins from Epic Pumpkins, as well as Halloween Jack O' Lanterns. These presets are designed for Iray, but function well in 3Delight.




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Requirements & Compatibility

  • Epic Pumpkin Add-ons: (.DUF)
    • Cart
    • Cart and Pumpkin Pile 01
    • Cart and Pumpkin Pile 02
    • Crate 01
    • Crate 02
    • Crate 01 and Pumpkin Pile 01
    • Crate 01 and Pumpkin Pile 02
    • Crate 02 and Pumpkin Pile 01
    • Crate 02 and Pumpkin Pile 02
    • Large Crate 01 and Pumpkin Pile 01
    • Large Crate 01 and Pumpkin Pile 02
    • Large Crate 02 and Pumpkin Pile 01
    • Large Crate 02 and Pumpkin Pile 02
    • Ground Pumpkin Pile 01
    • Ground Pumpkin Pile 02
  • 24 Material Options:
    • All Orange
    • All White
    • All Pale Orange
    • All Blue Green
    • All Red
    • All Black
    • All Batwing
    • All Orange Yellow Striped
    • All Yellow Orange Striped
    • All Orange White Striped
    • All Black White Striped
    • All Green Yellow Striped
    • All Green Orange Spotted
    • All Dark Blue Green
    • All Orange Green
    • Fall Color Mix 01
    • Fall Color Mix 02
    • Blue Green Mix 01
    • Blue Green Mix 02
    • Black White Mix
    • Striped Mix
    • All Colors Mix 01
    • All Colors Mix 02
    • All Colors Mix 03
  • Textures Include:
    • 09 Color, Normal, and Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

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DAZ Studio

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Original Release Date: Oct. 19,  2017