The Chicken Coop


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Full Product Description

Now you can have a safe and happy home for your chickens with the Chicken Coop! This old time barn wood coop features opening doors and is created from several props for more customization or removal of parts for better camera angles. Also included are everything your flock will need: nests, feeders, a roost, as well as morph-able feed sacks and well pump. Everything is topped off with an antique chicken wind vane.






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 Full Features List, Requirements & Compatibility

Full Features List

  • 6 Chicken Coop Props (.PP2 and .OBJ)
    • 1 Chicken Coop
      • Ground
      • Feeder
      • Run
      • Roost
      • Front Door
      • Side Door
      • Nests
      • Weather Vane
      • Doors Open/Close
    • 1 Bucket
    • 2 Feed Sacks
      • bend left
      • bend right
      • bottom back
      • bottom forward
      • sack empty
      • top back
      • top forward
      • twist left
      • twist right
    • Well Pump
      • Pump Handle
    • Pitch Fork
  • Textures
    • 2 Texture/Bump Maps (100x1024)
    • 35 Texture/Bump/Displacement Maps (1024x1024)
    • 2 Texture/Bump Maps (1500x1500)
    • 3 Texture/Bump Maps (1536x1024)
    • 3 Texture/Bump Maps (1500x1800)
    • 3 Texture/Bump/Displacement Maps (2000x3000)
    • 5 Texture/Bump/Displacement Maps (2048x2048)
    • 3 Texture/Bump/Displacement Maps (2220x3300)
  • DAZ Studio 3 Material Presets (.DSA)

Required Products


Compatible 3d Software

Daz Studio, Poser

Compatible 3d Figures


Additional Info

Original Release Date: July, 7, 2010