Gardens of Poseidon - Set Pack Vol. 1


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Set Pack volume one comes with 12 premade multi-prop sets using the Gardens of Poseidon sets to allow you to quickly populate a scene with thick, lush life with only a few clicks. Each multi-prop contains several coral, invertebrate, and plant objects parented to the base reef rock, so that you can move and rotate each as you wish. For your convenience, the included DAZ Studio Material presets load automatically when loading the props, so no extra efforts are needed to get these to look perfect!



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 Full Features List, Requirements & Compatibility

Full Features List

  • Set Props (.DUF and .PP2)
    • 10 Reefs
    • 1 Planted Seabed
    • 1 Kelp Forest


Required Products


Compatible 3d Software

Daz Studio, Poser

Compatible 3d Figures


Additional Info

Original Release Date: Sept. 3, 2013