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The Syklus is Here

11. 08. 02

The Syklus has arrived! See it over at Daz3D now.

The Syklus is an all new custom designed, futuristic three-wheeled motorcycle for your renders. The Syklus is fully articulated for a full range of motion; pivoting front and rear end, tilting wheels, rotating tires, and adjustable hand and foot grip mounts for starters.

It comes with 28 color variations with Poser MATs and Daz Studio Presets to get the look your going for. Also for maximum use, it comes with over 40 poses for the Syklus, Michael 4, and Victoria 4. There are two 'parked' poses for the Syklus with each pose having two corresponding poses for M4 and V4, all with mirrored versions. Along with the parked poses are 5 'riding' poses for the Syklus, with corresponding M4 and V4 poses and mirrored versions as well, giving everything you need to hit the road with the Syklus!

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