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The Palantiliths Becons

11. 07. 15

Come see the new Palantiliths now at Daz3d!

Unlike many ancient sites, we know exactly what the Palantiliths were built and used for: scrying. Prehistoric cults used them to see visions of the future, past, or present, and through them could manipulate the weather, or sense premonitions of warfare. We know this as it was recorded when they were sought out and destroyed out of fear in the last age. Modern religions thought the use of the Palantiliths to be evil, and even the old practitioners feared them as the visions seen by one monolith could be witnessed by the others, and with the original cultists long gone, it was unknown who may be watching. It is believed that all the Palantiliths were destroyed, but then, no one knows how may of them there really were. Could there still be working Palantiliths spinning their dark magic today?

The Palantiliths is a set of five monolithic structures in various states of ruin. They come with Mat Poses for both Poser and Daz Studio to easily apply textures featuring icy, fiery, or non-glowing symbols. To top it off is a rocky ground prop to get you started.

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