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Sykla Armor for M4

11. 07. 02

The new Sykla M4 Armor for M4 has arrived! Go see it at Daz!

Power. Strength. Feared. Words that come to mind to any that cross those elite few that wear the Sykla Armor. Cutting edge technology that's powered by fusion, its the last memory of any foolish enough to cross the Sykla.

Sykla Armor for M4 includes a texture set for the Michael 4 body suit. This texture set comes in nine color presets with MAT files for easy loading, and use 16 bit .tif files for the best quality displacements. Also added is nine color presets for the High Tech Trekker Boots to match the Bodysuit's style. The set is topped off with a custom helmet prop in the nine color presets as well as MATs to hide the bottom of the helmet revealing the mouth and chin, or hide the top of the helmet revealing the face and eyes.

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