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Travel to Neitherhenge

11. 05. 23

Welcome to the Neitherhenge, now available at DAZ3d.


Mystical. Malevolent. Arcane. That is the ancient stones on that unholy ground. For eons the arches have stood there, crumbling slowing from the wear of time. Few are bold enough to go near the premordial site. It is said on certain nights of the year, when the days are shortest or longest, the runes carved into the stones takes on an eerie glow. Some say that is when beings from other realities step though the arches, like portals, and that those brazen enough might dare step though to other realms. Or maybe it is all just superstition and legend, but can you be sure?

Neitherhenge comes to you with six unique arch props in various states of ruin, as well as a ground terrain prop to arrange them on. Low poly rock props surround the outer ring of the terrain, and each arch prop loads with a separate rock cluster prop that can be independently controlled. The rock and ground props feature tiling UV's, so that the texture resolution remains high while using smaller texture files for computer memory conservation. The Arches themselves use high res textures for great looking results in up close shots, and MATs to apply glow to the runes. Neitherhenge is toped off with a prearranged multi prop of the entire site, yet you are still able to arrange as you see fit for your renders.


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