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The Protohive

11. 04. 10

New at Daz3d, the Protohive! Go see it here!


Enter a realm beyond the limits of our terrestrial world, where normal and safe are not a way of life to even be considered.

Welcome to the unknown where wide open spaces are a thing of the past and the impossible is now only too horrifyingly possible. Are you in the belly of a monster? Perhaps you are at an unimaginable depth far below the surface of the earth lost within the hive of some unknown species... or just maybe you are winding your way through a maze of spiraling tunnels and chambers with slimy walls that seem to be alive as they pulse to an unheard heartbeat... the heartbeat of something that awaits within the chamber that lies ahead.

Unleash your dark side and weave the kind of story that nightmares are made of. After all, it’s just a story... or is it?



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