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The Ancient Karacairns

13. 07. 15

My newest set, Karacairns is now available at Daz3D 30% off!


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Full Product Description

Cairns are man-made piles (or stacks) of stones. Cairns are found all over the world in uplands, on moorland, on mountaintops, near waterways and on sea cliffs, and also in barren desert and tundra areas. They vary in size from small stone markers to entire artificial hills, and in complexity from loose, conical rock piles to delicately balanced sculptures and elaborate feats of megalithic engineering. Cairns may be painted or otherwise decorated, e.g. for increased visibility or for religious reasons.

In modern times, cairns are often erected as landmarks, a use they have had since ancient times. Since prehistory, they have also been built as sepulchral monuments, or used for defensive, hunting, ceremonial, astronomical and other purposes.; -Wikipedia

Karacairns comes to you as a nine piece prop set for DAZ Studio and Poser. Each cairn of the set has a dial to show / hide the painted symbols that adorn them. Also Mat files from the 'Them Bones' product line work on the bones hanging from the cairns in this set. The highlight of the set is a a full sized burial mound right out of ancient times. For you convenience, there is no need for separate Poser and DAZ Studio Runtimes, simply apply the props to your scene in DAZ Studio and the correct Material presets will be automatically applied.


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 Full Features List, Requirements & Compatibility

Full Features List

  • Karacairns (.PP2 and .OBJ)
    • Cairn 01
    • Cairn 02
    • Cairn 03
    • Cairn 04
    • Cairn Arch
    • Cairn Burial Mound
    • Ground
    • Monolithic Stone 01
    • Monolithic Stone 02
  • Texture Options:
    • Them Bones - Mats compatible
    • Props include Dial to Show / Hide paintings on stones
  • Textures Include:
    • 90 Texture, Bump, Displacement and Mask Maps (1024 x 1024)
    • 7 Texture, Bump, Displacement and Mask Maps (2048 x 2048)
    • 3 Displacement Maps (1656 x 1656)
    • 2 Texture and Bump Maps (512 x 512)
  • Autoloading DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)

Required Products


Compatible 3d Software

Daz Studio, Poser

Compatible 3d Figures


Additional Info

Original Release Date: July 14, 2013

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